19 Most Bizarre Moments From “Secrets Of The Living Dolls”

Channel Four’s documentary about men who dress up as plastic dolls was just a bit weird. But also, it was really quite compelling.

So there’s this documentary.

You can watch it on 4oD in the United Kingdom. It will be shown on Logo TV in the US later this year.

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About guys who dress up like this in private.

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It’s not a sexual thing. It’s just because they like doing it.

So what were the most notable moments?

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1. Well some of the masks do look a bit odd.

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Jimi Famurewa


This new episode of Bo Selecta is a bit weird #livingdolls

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2. Especially when the masks are getting put on.

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3. And when they were standing around in the nude.

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4. You’re also made a bit uncomfortable by the fact that none of the masks’ faces move when the person underneath is talking.

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5. Or move when they are being interviewed.

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6. You’re also a bit uncomfortable about the fact that there are abandoned masks are all over the houses where the guys live.

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7. And the fact that you see one doll trying to get a suntan even though dolls can’t get suntans.

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8. And when this 70-year-old man dressed up as a doll says that he finds dating women hard because they aren’t as good looking as his dolls.

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9. You also get to see the factory where the doll costumes are made.

Want to see how they make a silicon vagina? Well…

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10. It involves painting a mould.

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Then pressing down a lever.

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But the documentary is a bit deeper than just guys wearing doll masks. It really is quite a complicated issue.

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11. The guys usually have to hide the fact that they are wearing masks from friends and family. Telling others about it is a huge risk.

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12. There’s a scene in the documentary when dolls on a night out get subject to a lot of abuse.

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13. You also realise that the people who make these products are actually lovely and down-to-earth.

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14. Mark told his friends about it while dressing up as “Jessie”, and they were slightly confused…

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15. But he then said.


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16. This documentary is weirdly compelling. You actually end up appreciating what they are doing.

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I'm starting to think there's a real gap in the market for a Rubber Doll Stylist. #livingdolls

— keverrst (@keverrst)



I’m starting to think there’s a real gap in the market for a Rubber Doll Stylist. #livingdolls

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17. And when a couple of them go out in public for the first time, you actually feel a little bit proud of them.

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18. Some even decide to be really quite brave and head out clubbing with their friends.

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Wait these #livingdolls definitely got ID'd at that night club....I'm so confused.

— Daniel Quirke (@Danquirke)

Daniel Quirke


Wait these #livingdolls definitely got ID’d at that night club….I’m so confused.

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19. Trust me. It is actually feel-good television.

Although it is “introduced” not “intoduced” guys.

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