14 Reasons Why M&M’s World Is The Oddest Attraction In London

Seriously. Why do tourists insist on coming here?

Leicester Square! THE GLITZ! THE GLAMOUR!

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And shops that sell tickets and tat like this!

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But if you’ve been there in the last year, you might have noticed a new attraction… M&M’s World.

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This attraction perplexes you at first. You think…

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1. “Why is there a shop dedicated to just one type of American sweets? We don’t like them THAT much.”

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And then you think…

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2. “Why not have a store dedicated to its better tasting BRITISH counterpart. You know, S-M-A-R-T-I-E-S?”


<3 you Smarties. Even the blue ones.

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But then your curiosity gets the better of you so you head inside. You realise that the place is HUGE.

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Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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But then… some things really start to bug you.

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3. Like… why is everything really quite expensive?

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4. Who quite honestly buys all of this stuff?

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Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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Like, really. Who buys this stuff?

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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5. Why are there pick’n’mix machines at every corner…

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Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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… but no standard packets of M&M’s visible anywhere?

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6. And why are you displaying signs throughout the shop warning me that peanuts contain peanuts?

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7. What is that really really INTENSE SMELL?

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BBC / Doctor Who


Did someone spill something somewhere, cos it needs cleaned.

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8. Why are there M&M’s statues everywhere, including one that looks like Angelina Jolie doing that leg strut?

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9. Then you see the M&M’s Abbey Road.

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When you see this for the first time you’re like…

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10. And why do tourists like posing in front of these statues? What on earth is so special about them?

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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11. But the worst thing is that the shop looks like it was designed by Americans who have no clue about Britain. I mean, why is there a bus at the entrance?

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12. Why have you decided to M&M’s peanut paintings mocked up as Elizabeth I, Newton and Winston Churchill? WHY?

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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13. And why did you decide to clash all this with an awfully American look? I mean LOOK. IT’S PAINFULLY AMERICAN. REALLY REALLY AMERICAN.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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Don’t worry. I’ve relaxed now. I’ve had these.



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Scott Bryan is the UK entertainment editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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