What Rom-Coms Can Teach You About Finding A Job

They might not be realistic for finding love, but hidden inside romantic comedies are some pretty good tips on landing a job.

1. Start by pursuing something you might actually want to do.

Ever seen a rom-com about a dude pursuing a lady he was only 40% into? Of course you haven’t.

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2. Don’t send out a bunch of half-hearted cover letters.

Focus in on jobs you could have a passion for, and you’ll work harder to lock it down.

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3. Seek advice from friends and previous coworkers.

Sometimes another person has a piece of obvious, but much-needed (and helpful) advice.

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4. It’s helpful to network.

Meeting new people is important for both your love life and your professional life.

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5. Always present your best self to potential employers.

It lets them know you’re serious.

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6. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Making your résumé stand out is a good way to get noticed. That being said…

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7. And ditch the modesty.

If you can’t brag a little on your résumé, when can you brag?

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8. Don’t give up.

It might be hard, and you and your beard might get rained on dramatically, but stick with it.

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9. Explain why you want to be with their company.

It’s not just about how awesome you are — it’s about why you want to be with a company specifically. Explain that in your cover letter and interview, and you’ll appear passionate and well-researched. Bonus.

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10. Follow-up is important.

Contacting your potential employer after applying or an interview shows you care.

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11. Even if you thought you totally nailed that interview and never got a call back — it sucks, but it happens.

Nobody ever got to the big, romantic kiss at the end of the movie by quitting in the middle of Act 2.

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12. And, hopefully, you find your perfect match.

Or at least a summer job.

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13. If all else fails, a grand gesture might do the trick.

While it might not be effective for every cover letter you send off, sometimes a crazy stunt can pay off with a job offer (or a few!). Just make sure you come off more Say Anything than Taxi Driver.

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