21 iPhone Alarms That Will Definitely Get You Up

Waking up is haaaaaaaard.

1. There’s the fandom-motivation method.

ID: 1549230

2. For those who realize “beauty sleep” hinges on waking up in time to get your shit together.

ID: 1549341

3. Waking up through tough love.

ID: 1550149

4. Tough love, part II: begging.

ID: 1550433

5. The alarm that echoes the first thing you think in the morning.

ID: 1549470

6. The caps lock methodology at work.

ID: 1549764

7. A musical wake-up call.

ID: 1549570

8. The infamous, roommate-infuriating alarm gauntlet.

ID: 1550215

9. The “you know the drill” method.

ID: 1549875

10. Motivation via delicious breakfast.

ID: 1550016

11. The safety-first treatment.

ID: 1556892

12. The Evanescence method at work.

ID: 1556199

13. For when you need Help getting up.

ID: 1556354

14. Real talk.

ID: 1556561

15. The inscrutable emoji wake-up method.

ID: 1556762

17. The opposite of positivity!

ID: 1549596

18. Compliments that hard pivot into orders.

ID: 1558009

19. Na na na na na na na na WAKE UP.

ID: 1557747

20. The ever-reliable “you were already really tired when you tried to set your alarm so it feels like a drunk person is trying to wake you up” method.

ID: 1558054

21. Your alarm clock’s internal monologue.

ID: 1558029

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