33 Signs You Are Lindsay Bluth Fünke From “Arrested Development”

Sometimes you want to be thought of as more than a beautiful face. But only sometimes.

1. You’ll admit it: you can be pretty lazy.

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2. And your greatest asset is your looks.

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3. But even being good looking can be a curse.

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4. You’re a really good judge of character.

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5. You NEVER EVER EVER waste alcohol.

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6. You really want to travel more.

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7. Your relationship with your family is…complicated.

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8. But it’s okay because you’re the best at comebacks.

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9. And your family can be cool sometimes too.

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10. Cooking isn’t your strong suit.

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11. …but it’s okay, it turns out most of your friends suck at cooking too.

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12. You’ve always had some really boss hair.

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13. You know that asking questions is the best way to build a friendship.

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14. You’ve never been dumped because you always do the dumping.

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15. You’ve been known to be a little confrontational.

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16. Your personal hygiene is impeccable.

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17. Sometimes people think you’re something that you’re not.

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18. You’ve dated a few questionable guys.

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19. …but you never give up on love. The perfect guy HAS to be out there, right?

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20. You’re not afraid to speak your mind.

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21. You care about nature but you wouldn’t consider yourself an environmentalist.

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22. You really don’t enjoy working out.

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23. You’ve been known to be somewhat oblivious.

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24. Every so often, you act a little materialistic.

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25. You could see yourself getting Botox one day.

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26. You’re not a big fan of surprises.

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27. Sure, you can be a little insensitive.

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28. And sometimes, you’re a little too provocative.

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29. But it’s just because you’re really open with your feelings.

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30. So go ahead and celebrate!

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ID: 3207253

31. Because there’s nothing wrong with having a high opinion of yourself.

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32. And deep down, you’re a good person who just wants everyone to get along.

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33. And you DEFINITELY have seen a chicken before.

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