The Ultimate Unique Gift Guide For Guys

No more ties, no more gift cards. Here are the 40 most creative new gifts for men. Unique presents – in any budget – for husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, friends, bosses, groomsmen, and coworkers.

1. Homemade Gin Kit

Make gin at home - no bathtub necessary!

ID: 1909569

2. Anchorman’s Sex Panther Cologne

“60% of the time, it works every time”

ID: 1909596

3. Zombie Kettlebells

Hand sculpted from a real human skull, Zombie Kettlebells will get you ready to punch the undead right in the face.

ID: 1909685

4. Nick Offerman’s Book

“Instead of playing Draw Something, f***ing draw something.”

Best known for his role as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman’s new book will school you in manliness, meat, and much more.

ID: 1909619

5. NFL Team Toaster

Sure, you could brand your arm with your beloved team’s logo, but branding toast is so much less painful.

ID: 1909629

6. Rubber Band Gun

I challenge you to a duel! Rubber bands fly up to 25 feet away via three different firing modes.

ID: 1912563

7. James Bond’s Cologne

No promises that this will turn your man into Daniel Craig, but it doesn’t hurt to try… right? Floris No.89 is the legendary fragrance of James Bond and a personal favorite of Ian Fleming himself.

ID: 1909639

8. How to Swear Around the World

Own that “Ugly American” title with the best insults and curses in dozens of languages.

ID: 1909656

9. Handmade Leather Sports Equipment

Handmade gloves, footballs, basketballs, and baseballs from LeatherHead are just plain sexier than regular sports gear.

ID: 1909766

10. Breaking Bad Posters

Going through Breaking Bad withdrawal yet? Decorate the man cave with these Walter White prints!

ID: 1912322

11. Custom Map Cufflinks

Wear your heart on your sleeve with these custom vintage map cufflinks on Etsy.

ID: 1912345

12. Handcrafted Baltz Pen

One-of-a-kind pens handcrafted from exotic woods, because some meetings are better sans iPad.

ID: 1912393

13. PocketMonkey Wallet Tool

Open beer bottles, measure things, and fix stuff (maybe not in that order) with this twelve-in-one credit card sized gadget. It’s even TSA-compliant.

ID: 1912437

14. Saddleback Leather Briefcase

“They’ll Fight Over It When You’re Dead” is the unofficial slogan of badass leather accessory crafter Saddleback.

ID: 1912474

15. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Hip cocktail shaker that works with a standard mason jar.

ID: 1912536

16. Bacon Soap

Because who doesn’t want their man to smell like bacon?

ID: 1912548

17. How to Archer Book

“Well, excuse me, Lana. It’s a rampage.”

A how-to from everyone’s favorite hapless cartoon spy, Sterling Archer.

ID: 1912575

18. Smoker Box for Grill

Fill this smoker box with aromatic wood chips or fragrant herbs, slap it on the grill, and smoke yourself some meat!

ID: 1912580

19. Louis C.K.’s New HBO Comedy Special

“I’ve started to kind of hate people, and it’s not because I have anything against them. It’s just, I enjoy it. It’s recreation.”

At $5, the new HBO comedy special from the always hilarious Louis C.K. is a steal.

ID: 1912688

20. Timbre Speakers

Slick speakers that deliver crystal clear sound.

ID: 1912708

21. The Hangover Baby Carrier Shirt

“Whose f***ing baby is that?”
“Check its collar or something.”

ID: 1912730

22. Pop Culture Custom Jerseys

Hilarious hockey jerseys that reference pop culture icons including Stay Puft Marshmallows, The Dude, and The Predator. Personalized with your name and number.

ID: 1913039

23. WhistlePig Rye

Step up his booze game with a bottle of Wine Enthusiast’s highest-rated whiskey.

ID: 1913092

24. Man Candles

Sex Panther not your thing? Yankee’s manly candle scents include Riding Mower, MMM, Bacon!, and First Down.

ID: 1913123

25. Remote Control Helicopter

What’s better than a remote control car? A remote control helicopter!

ID: 1909587

26. Bar10der

A Swiss Army knife for making cocktails! Muddler, Reamer, Channel Knife, 1 and 1.5 oz Jiggers, Zester, 4 inch Knife, Stirrer, Strainer, Corkscrew, and Bottle Opener.

ID: 1913135

27. The Outlaw Josey Wales Hat

“Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?”

The hat made famous by The Outlaw Josey Wales.

ID: 1913177

28. Gold Cocktail Shaker

“Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…”

But, who doesn’t love gold plated barware?

ID: 1913307

29. Desktop Wood Slingshot

Straight from the desk of Dennis The Menace, Esq.

ID: 1913341

30. Frye Winter Dress Boot

Sturdy dress boot from the formidable Frye Company to get you through winter weather in style.

ID: 1913373

31. Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Game

Trivia from the Robertson clan will make everyone (yes, even yuppies in subdivisions!) happy, happy, happy.

ID: 1976356

32. Beard Wash

Speaking of Duck Dynasty, this beard wash should come in handy.

ID: 1913404

33. Difficult Men Book

New book analyzing cable shows that broke the mold including The Wire, The Sopranos, Mad Men, Deadwood, Breaking Bad, and The Shield.

ID: 1913574

34. Samsung Smartwatch

Launched with a super cool commercial, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is likely to be at the top of many lists this holiday season.

ID: 1913671

35. Desktop Skee Ball

Bring a little arcade into the office with a desktop skee ball game.

ID: 1913710

36. Colored Dress Shoelaces

Colored laces from hook + ALBERT are this year’s pocket square. A subtle way to add a bit of flair and individuality to any outfit.

ID: 1916170

37. Dale Earnhardt Jr. “88” Cigar

Let’s hope this cigar is the only thing getting smoked when your favorite driver is racing.

ID: 1976832

38. Leather Travel Case

Leather travel case designed to fit into a carry-on.

ID: 1913502

39. Ticket Stub Diary

Preserve precious memories from concerts, movies, sporting events, and more.

ID: 1913424

40. Star Wars (in Top Hats!) Throw Pillows

“Luke, I Am Your… Pillow.”

ID: 1976555

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