9 Reasons It’s OK To Miss iOS6

Because change is hard. Here’s lookin’ at you iOS6.

1. Calendar.

Sarah Dunn


The grid-like calendar from iOS6 looked like a calendar! It had boxes and days spelled out to 3 LETTERS and none of this floaty dot business.

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2. Search History.

facebook.com / Via Facebook

I know, I know now you can go to your recent web history and see the full URL’s you just visited, but these google recent searches were GREAT and always embarrassing and/or full of imaginary, self-diagnosed diseases.

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3. Email Swiping Left to Right.

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In iOS6, you could delete your email by swiping from LEFT to RIGHT and now ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND. HOW AM I TO DEAL?

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4. Snooze.

Reddit / Via tumblr.com

Okay maybe this is just me, or my dinosaur of a phone, BUT WHERE DID MY SNOOZE BUTTON GO?!

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5. .COM

There used to be this VERY USEFUL .com button visible on the keyboard when you were typing out a website, and now its VANISHED! We miss you .com, I hope wherever you are - you’re happy.

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6. Big Keyboard.

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed the large keyboard that you used when punching in your passcode on iOS6. Those tiny circles that fill up every time you punch a number now make my eyes feel squinty.

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7. Megasearch.

‘Twas a simpler time when search was easily accessed by swiping to the left. This new “swiping-in-the-middle” game makes me anxious and/or accidentally open apps I didn’t want opened.

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8. Buttons that look like Buttons.

In iOS6, app icons actually resembled buttons with depth and shading and puffy centers. Now they look like square pancakes.

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9. Classic Rainy Wallpaper.



ID: 1764656

There there, there there.

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