Dogs Who Want You To Wake Up, Already

Happy morning! Time to start the day! No, wait, don’t shut your eyes again.

1. Hey.

ID: 1232291

2. Are you awake yet?

ID: 1232262

4. Not yet?

ID: 1232273

6. There are so many fun things we can do!

ID: 1232278

7. We could eat…

ID: 1232286

8. Or go to the park…

ID: 1232289

9. Or we could eat…

ID: 1232282

10. If you would just… get up…

ID: 1232276

11. Ple-e-ease?

ID: 1232336

13. Come o-o-on…

ID: 1232350

14. Okay. It’s okay. I can wait.

ID: 1232260

15. I’ll just be here.

ID: 1232274

16. Staring at you…

ID: 1232280

17. Until something happens.

ID: 1232279

18. But seriously, how long is this going to be?

ID: 1232285

19. Because, you know, there are still some muffins on the counter…

ID: 1232290

20. We could share…

ID: 1232288

21. Sigh.

ID: 1232287

22. Fi-i-ine, press snooze.

ID: 1232342

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