29 Signs You Were Raised By Hippies

Your friends think you’re liberal? If only they knew how liberal a home you’re from.

1. Your birth was presided over by a doula and soundtracked by chanting.

You’ve heard your birth story a lot.

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2. Your name is Autumn, Dawn, Dharma, Flower, Harmony, Heather, Rainbow, River, Season, Shanti, Shakti, Sky, Star, Summer, Sunshine, or Willow.

Bonus points if you have an adjective + noun combination, like Divine Peace, Sunny Day, or Astral Plane.

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3. You wore cloth diapers.

This was not a pretty thing.

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4. Your parents gave a lot of positive affirmations and hugs.

ID: 1109879

Which tended to freak out your friends.

ID: 1109885

5. As did your family’s environmentally conscious flushing policy.

ID: 1108848

6. And lax attitude toward nudity.

At some point, you realized you probably shouldn’t tell so many stories about that nudist summer camp your family goes to.

ID: 1109305

7. Your parents taught you to question everything.

Via gph.is
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8. They refused to let you participate in class celebrations of the holiday they called “Indigenous People’s Day.”

ID: 1108623

9. You never had any idea what any of your classmates were talking about because you didn’t have television.

(Or if you had a television, you only had PBS.)

ID: 1109402

10. You had no choice but to wear hand-me-down and handmade clothing, often tie-dyed.

ID: 1109719

11. You weren’t allowed to alter your body’s natural hair and eau.

ID: 1109289

12. You obviously weren’t allowed to have processed foods or soda.

You shouldn’t get this reference nor understand why Kel so loves orange soda.

ID: 1109816

Except for homemade root beer. With real root.

ID: 1109811

13. When you got sweets, they were made out of carob.

ID: 1107156

14. You celebrated the Equinoxes and Solstices.

ID: 1108597

15. While The Goddess, Mother Earth, and Buddha were generally big deals…

(and popular decorating motifs)

ID: 1111406

16. God = Jerry Garcia

(Also a popular decorating motif.)

ID: 1108709

17. This was your favorite of your parents’ records.

Also The Point.

ID: 1112989

18. Your parents still danced like they did at Woodstock.

ID: 1107278

19. You know who Tim Leary is.

ID: 1110555

20. And Buckminster Fuller.

You may have even had a geodesic dome in your back yard. Or a yurt.

ID: 1110581

21. This was on your coffee table.

ID: 1111436

22. When your friends came over, they asked, “What’s that smell?” This was that smell.

ID: 1109849

23. Or this.

ID: 1110707

OK, or this.

ID: 1110408

24. Your parents probably smoked more weed than you did while you were in high school.

ID: 1109159

And theirs was better.

ID: 1109162

25. They’ve gardened organically and raised chickens and composted for decades. They washed out plastic bags before “green” was a thing.

ID: 1107260

26. On the rare occasion that your family ate out, they brought along yogurt tubs to take home leftovers.

Definitely not embarrassing.

ID: 1109061

Now they use that reusable cling wrap that looks like a shower cap/female condom.

(Your mom definitely told you about female condoms.)

ID: 1107271

27. Sometimes you dreamed of rebelling…

by becoming as normal as possible.

ID: 1113029

28. But ultimately you’ve realized you are too much like them.

Unable to throw anything away, incensed by apathy, stoked about your co-op…

ID: 1113045

29. You are always grateful that your parents taught you to love yourself for who you are…

ID: 1109617

and to be the change you want to see in the world.

ID: 1110503

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