15 Signs You’re Eating Dinner

Is there a plate in front of you? Is it dark out?

1. You’re seated in a chair.

ID: 1300341

2. There’s a plate in front of you.

ID: 1300429

3. There’s food on the plate.

ID: 1300525

4. It’s dark outside.

ID: 1300534

5. The food’s probably not waffles.

ID: 1300553

6. Table’s where you are.

ID: 1300568

7. You’re not swimming.

ID: 1300576

8. Maybe you have a fork.

ID: 1300599

9. Who ARE these people?

They’re your family / spouse / partner / roommates. Or they’re nobody because you live alone or nobody else is home right now.

ID: 1300707

10. Oh, you’re at home.

ID: 1300717

11. Or maybe you’re at a restaurant!

ID: 1300735

12. You totally have a napkin.

ID: 1300847

13. Nobody’s chasing you.

ID: 1300817

14. Later you’ll be asleep.

ID: 1300834

15. Soup course!

ID: 1300780

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