How Thirsty Are You?

The thirst is SO real.

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  1. Check off anything on this list that applies to you. BE HONEST!
    1. 1 You are usually very horny.
    2. 2 Like, you’re horny right now.
    3. 3 A large part of your day is spent thinking about sex.
    4. 4 You know the difference between being in love and in lust.
    5. 5 You always fall for the latter, not the former.
    6. 6 You’re single.
    7. 7 You’re VERY single.
    8. 8 Like, “very single” might be a bit of an understatement.
    9. 9 When you look at someone, the first thing you think is whether or not you would sleep with them.
    10. 10 Usually, you would.
    11. 11 You also mentally undress them in your head.
    12. 12 Also, you know a creepy amount of information about your crush.
    13. 13 Like, way more than you could ever let on in-person.
    14. 14 You are on an online dating website.
    15. 15 You have a dating app on your phone.
    16. 16 You have MULTIPLE dating apps on your phone.
    17. 17 You talk about how much you hate dating apps on your phone, but still have one anyway.
    18. 18 You have deleted a dating app on your phone, only to reinstall it soon after.
    19. 19 You follow someone on Instagram because they are hot.
    20. 20 You follow several people on Instagram because they are hot.
    21. 21 You follow someone on Twitter because they are hot.
    22. 22 You have friended someone on Facebook because they are hot.
    23. 23 You stalk someone you have a crush on on social media.
    24. 24 You’ve reverse-stalked to find someone hot on social media.
    25. 25 You have liked or favorited something someone hot posted on social media because they are hot.
    26. 26 You have hooked up with someone you met on social media.
    27. 27 You have an office crush.
    28. 28 Actually, you have several office crushes.
    29. 29 You’ve gone out because you knew someone hot was going to be out, too.
    30. 30 You’ve planned your evening around where your crush was going to be.
    31. 31 You’ve planned an outfit because you knew your crush was going to see you.
    32. 32 You’ve cleaned up “down there” because you thought something might happen.
    33. 33 Unfortunately, nothing did.
    34. 34 You’ve purchased an outfit because you thought it would get you laid.
    35. 35 You think about sex fairly often.
    36. 36 Actually, you think about sex a LOT.
    37. 37 Like, you’re probably thinking about sex right now.
    38. 38 Your posture changes when you are around someone hot.
    39. 39 Also, you speak differently when you are around someone hot.
    40. 40 You’ve laughed at someone’s joke even though it wasn’t funny, but they were hot so…
    41. 41 You’ve had a dream about your crush.
    42. 42 You’ve dreamed about having sex with your crush.
    43. 43 Quite possibly, you dream about sex more often than you actually have it.
    44. 44 You know someone’s name just because they are hot.
    45. 45 You have a crush on someone weird, like the mailman or the guy who delivers your pizza.
    46. 46 You’ve “read” a BuzzFeed post purely for the eye candy.
    47. 47 You have certain webpages bookmarked because they have some good eye candy.
    48. 48 You have pictures of your crush saved on your phone.
    49. 49 You’ve typed in the URL of your crush’s Facebook, and your computer DEFINITELY remembers it.
    50. 50 You’ve used a dating app in public.
    51. 51 You’ve used a dating app when you were hanging out with friends.
    52. 52 You have talked with friends about using a dating app.
    53. 53 You’ve done something that you normally wouldn’t do to get a crush’s attention.
    54. 54 You’ve fantasized about a fictional character.
    55. 55 You’ve fantasized about a celebrity.
    56. 56 You’ve fantasized about having sex somewhere exotic.
    57. 57 You’ve stared at someone hot in public.
    58. 58 You’ve been CAUGHT staring at someone hot in public.
    59. 59 Your friends know all of your crushes because you talk about them so much.
    60. 60 You’ve had a crush on someone even though you didn’t know his/her name.
    61. 61 You’ve given this crush a nickname anyway.
    62. 62 You have a crush on someone you have never met.
    63. 63 You have a crush on someone you see IRL, but never talk to.
    64. 64 You have a crush on someone who has NO clue you have a crush on them.
    65. 65 You are sort of concerned that people know how thirsty you are.
    66. 66 But, you’re too busy crushing on people to really care.
    67. 67 You think about sex way more often than you have it.
    68. 68 Being this thirsty drives you insane, but you kind of like it anyway.
    69. 69 But most of all, you KNOW the thirst is REAL.

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