17 Internet Dating Profiles That Will Probably Put You Off Internet Dating

Just. Wow.

1. This guy and his weapon.

ID: 1148845

2. This man who listens to your question and answers it as honestly as he possibly can.

ID: 1148846

3. This chap who knows what makes women laugh.

ID: 1148907

4. This guy and his weapon.

ID: 1148847

5. Him.

ID: 1148848

6. This lady who knows how to pick an attractive username.

ID: 1148892

7. This man who knows exactly who he is.

ID: 1148850

8. This charmer who gets straight to the point.

ID: 1148893

9. This bloke with a least one undeniable talent.

ID: 1148903

10. This guy with the least promising opening sentence ever.

ID: 1148971

11. The guy who thinks the way to a girl’s heart is through a dictionary.

ID: 1148972

12. This guy with the over-worked guns.

ID: 1148973

13. This man who isn’t afraid to splash his cash.

ID: 1148998

14. Golden skull man.

ID: 1148999

15. This gentleman who isn’t scary at all.

ID: 1149000

16. This mourner.

ID: 1148849

17. This guy we all know has taken a selfie on the toilet.

ID: 1148904

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ID: 1148975

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