How The Internet Reported Margaret Thatcher’s Death

Newspapers and leading blogs from around the world have paid tribute to the former PM.


The UK’s biggest selling newspaper played it simple.


The Times preferred to focus on the significance of Thatcher’s death overseas.


Pro-Tory broadsheet The Telegraph led with warm tributes to Thatcher.


Left-leaning titles The Independent and The Guardian had a more muted response.


The Daily Star somewhat unfortunately prefixed the news with ‘HOT!’.


Leading right-wing blog Guido Fawkes was so overcome, it turned over its entire homepage to a tribute to Thatcher. As a sign of respect, they vowed to close the site down for a day.


While leading left-wing blog Left Foot Forward generously focused on Thatcher’s ‘progressive’ achievements.


The major newspapers in America also devoted their homepages to Thatcher.


In Germany, leading paper The Bild described Thatcher as “tough, but feared and revered”.


Whereas in France, Le Monde said simply “Margaret Thatcher has died”.

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