15 Dumb Things You Could Never Resist Doing While Playing "Grand Theft Auto"

Cycle off the top of a mountain? Sure, why not?

The worlds in Grand Theft Auto were vast and beautiful, but they never made much sense.

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They looked like normal cities, but normal rules didn’t apply.

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In a world of such confusing logic, you often found yourself acting in strange ways.

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1. Like massacring religious sects, just because you could.

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2. And picking up prostitutes.

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Then sniggering like a school boy when the car started rocking.

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3. Everyone who ever played San Andreas spent hours driving up the mountain.

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4. Just to jump off the top. Whether it was in a tow truck.

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5. Or a camper van.

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6. Or a bike.

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7. Or, y’know, no vehicle at all.

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8. Just so you could watch this happen.

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9. It was always hard to resist attacking members of the public for no reason.

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10. Long, long after they were already dead.

Then spending a minute wondering what kind of a person you were.

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11. You’d do this.

Just for the hell of it.

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12. And everyone tried that thing when you drove ‘safely’ for a bit.

Then got bored and mowed someone down after thirty seconds.

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13. But most of all, you’d do whatever it took to get all six wanted stars.

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14. Then pop off for a swim.

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15. And when all that was finished, you just went to bed.

Knowing the world would be back to (almost) normal again the next day.

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