24 Things To Do To A Passed-Out Friend

Someone’s fallen asleep, drunk? Let’s play.

1. Your first instinct is going to be to reach for the marker pens. Good call.

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2. But what do you go for? Clown face?

ID: 1258688

3. Full body work?

ID: 1258545

4. Or out-and-out graffiti?

ID: 1258583

5. Whatever you do, be creative.

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6. Second option: the human Jenga game.

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7. Naturally, bigger = better.

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8. Particularly if you’re working with an uneven surface.

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9. But overall coverage is also important.

ID: 1258540

10. Is your friend visible?

ID: 1258551

11. The effect you’re looking for is: from this.

ID: 1258504

12. To this.

ID: 1258510

13. What would happen if they woke up and tried to move?

ID: 1258609

14. Which brings us nicely to duct tape.

ID: 1258727

15. And cling film.

ID: 1258770

16. (Just remember to leave air holes).

ID: 1258725

17. If neither of these items are handy, toilet roll will work just as well.

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18. Of course, you don’t have to do anything to them. Sometimes just being there is enough.

ID: 1258483

19. Especially if you can get the dog to join in.

ID: 1258489

20. But really, where’s the fun in that?

ID: 1258682

21. Whatever you decided to do, whether it’s turn them into an animal.

ID: 1258737

22. Or an artwork.

ID: 1258494

23. Or some weird Edward Scissorhands-style monster.

ID: 1258693

24. It’s all about making the most of the opportunity when it comes along.

OK, this one isn’t real. At least, I sincerely hope it isn’t.

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