19 Reasons People Gave For Attending A “Thatcher’s Dead” Street Party

Partygoers in Brixton explain in their own words.

News of Margaret Thatcher’s death saw more than 200 people throw an impromptu street party in Brixton, the scene of two violent riots that marred the former prime minister’s years in power.

In a divided country, some considered the ‘#nowthatchersdead’ party a legitimate protest against a pernicious political legacy. Others viewed it as distasteful gloating over an elderly lady’s death.

Here’s the story of what happened, and the reasons people gave for participating, in their own words.

Brixton’s local cinema is hijacked by party goers.

Windrush Square, on Brixton high street, was hastily decorated with anti-Thatcher slogans. This one reads: “Look! There is such a thing as a society. RIP old woman but death to your legacy”.

Before long, a sound system was set up and people began to party.

Among the more brutal banners was this one reading ‘The bitch is dead’. It was frequently paraded, accompanied by the chant “Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead”.


Chalk was used around the square to add slogans to the party. Bottles of milk were also left around.

The crowds stayed late into the night.

By the early hours, the party spilled over into Brixton high street. Two people were arrested on suspicion of burglary in what police described as a “low level disorder”.

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