11 Reasons You’re Wrong To Hate Clapham

Everyone likes moaning about South West London’s leafiest district. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Especially the Australians.

(They really hate the Australians).

Vice magazine even wrote something snarky about it.

Because people having the wrong sort of fun are upsetting to sensitive writer-types.

And yeah, OK, the high street is sort of like a never-ending Freshers’ Week.

People tend to get a little too drunk for their own good.

Clapham Junction station.

And sometimes you see things you wish you hadn’t.

1. But there’s loads of reasons to love Clapham. Like the world’s first vending machine for dogs.

2. And plenty of intellectual events.

Take that, Shoreditch moustache-strokers.

3. Clapham has a tube station that makes you smile every day, even if the line is always busy.

4. And the pubs aren’t all generic meat markets. Try walking further than the high street, snooty North London types!

5. The gay scene is fabulous.

The Two Brewers 30th birthday party, Clapham High Street.

6. And do we even need to mention the Common?

Beautiful as it is in all seasons.

220 acres of open space, with ponds, football pitches, a basketball court and a skateboard park. Lucky Clapham.

7. If you’re hungry, Clapham has the best fish n’ chip shop in London.

8. Not to mention a certain Fried Chicken Shop.

Photo: Channel 4

9. And did you know William Wilberforce campaigned for the abolition of slavery from Clapham?

He was part of the Clapham Sect, who also fought against child labour and for prison reform.

10. When the riots devastated the area, people in Clapham Junction rolled up their sleeves, grabbed a broom, and cleaned up their community.

You see, not everyone hates Clapham.

Who are they again?

The people who actually live there.

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