The 20 Worst Things About Being Short

You can’t keep pushing us around just because we are little!

1. Companies don’t care about you

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2. Clothes never fit properly

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3. Cars aren’t made for you

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4. You can never see at concerts

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5. No one ever picked you to be on their team during recess

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6. You are probably going to make less money than other people

It’s true. Statistics show that taller people make more money than shorter people.

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7. Some places don’t even let you in because of your height deficiency!

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8. It’s tougher to date so you sometimes have to resort to this

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9. Kitchens weren’t made for you.

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10. So you have to have one of these annoying stools around at all times

ID: 503241

11. Even grocery stores discriminate and force you to do things like this just to get a blue Powerade

ID: 503319

12. Socks never fit right

And “No-Show” ALWAYS shows!

ID: 503280

13. You get embarrassed at the Doctor’s office because you still have to use this to get on the table

ID: 503556

14. You have to play pool like this

ID: 503286

15. Your feet never get to rest on the ground

ID: 503543

16. And hugs are always awkward

ID: 503599

17. I mean, REALLY awkward

ID: 505240

18. Your friends even use you as an arm rest

ID: 505621

19. Don’t even think about trying to stand in a pool

ID: 503876

20. And they always make you sit in the front during team photos

ID: 503750

But at least we always have ample legroom.

I’ll take it.

ID: 505463

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