17 Amazing Paul Ryan Photoshops

From Redditors. This is what happens when the internet is bored and a high resolution photo of someone famous gets put up on their Wikipedia page. People like SiliconC get to have fun with it.

The original pic from his Wikipedia page

ID: 531839

1. “Tony Romo Paul”

Via Reddit User Photo

ID: 531840

2. “Werewolf Paul”

Via Reddit User jesscoffman

ID: 531842

3. “Blind and with a unibrow”

Via Reddit User A_1337_Canadian

ID: 531864

4. “Blind and with a unibrow [Happier Edition]”

Via Reddit User i_cry_evrytim_

ID: 531843

5. I really have no idea what is going on with this one.

Via Reddit User WashingMachinePlanet

ID: 531844

6. “Hair Ryan”

Via Reddit User WashingMachinePlanet

ID: 532628

7. “Paul Thinking Really Hard”


ID: 531845

8. “The Ryan Illusion”

Via Reddit User undecidedname

ID: 531846

9. “MAD Paul”

Via Reddit User 00spoon

ID: 531847

10. “Paul in ‘Up’ “

Via Reddit User terrancemaddox12

ID: 531848

11. “Little Face Paul”

Via Reddit User SiliconC

ID: 531849

12. “Big Lip Ryan”

Via Reddit User terrancemaddox12

ID: 531850

13. “Rowan Ryan”

Via Reddit User ClownSuitCowboy

ID: 531873

14. “Lazy Eye Ryan”

Via Reddit User 2fingers

ID: 532600

15. “Big Eyes Ryan”

Via Reddit User eylyana

ID: 532592

16. “Angelina Ryan”

Via Reddit User flux123

ID: 532615

17. “Avatar Paul”

Via Reddit User LTJG-Goose

ID: 532624

Via reddit.com

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