Hulu’s Free Star Trek Offer Isn’t As Great As It Seems

Hulu pulls off the world’s greatest (non)promotion

Hulu announced yesterday that they were putting every episode of Star Trek online for free through the end of this month.

But, there’s a problem — when you count up all the episodes

ID: 1010296

2. 79 Episodes

ID: 1010287

3. 176 Episodes

ID: 1010290

4. 174 Episodes

ID: 1010288

5. 168 Episodes

ID: 1010289

6. 97 Episodes

ID: 1010285

You end up with 694 of them.

At an average of 45 minutes per episode it would take 31,230 minutes, or 21 days, 16.5 hours to watch it all. Making it impossible for someone to watch them all with only 9 days left of the month.

Thanks but no thanks.

ID: 1010300

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