How Companies Handled 12/12/12 On Twitter

Let us never forget.

1. Some made us smile

ID: 748381

3. Some used it to play off of their already existing number 12-based products

ID: 748394

5. McDonald’s didn’t even bother acknowledging it, instead they focused on giving away Chicken McNuggets

ID: 748504

6. Some used it for a late night snack

ID: 748538

7. #Some #used #it #to #show #us #they #don’t #understand #how #hashtags #work

ID: 748445

8. Dunkin Donuts decided to use it as a way to give away donuts

ID: 748464

9. UPS used it to launch a swag contest (really)

ID: 748520

10. NASA was nice enough to take a picture of the EARTH for us to see

ID: 748470

11. Carls Jr reminded us that it will be 88 years until this happens again

ID: 748589

12. And Aol was AOL

ID: 748385

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