An Ode To The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

My love letter to the shitty car I never had.

1. Dear Mitsubishi Eclipse,

ID: 1245453

2. Although I never had you,

ID: 1245456

3. I really wanted you.

ID: 1245463

4. I didn’t really even care what color,

ID: 1245477

8. Or whatever color this is.

ID: 1250322

9. It didn’t matter.

ID: 1250284

10. You were beautiful.

ID: 1245478

11. And although I didn’t get to have you then,

ID: 1245479

12. I know,

ID: 1250204

13. Yes, I know,

ID: 1250205

14. That someday,

ID: 1250208

18. TOGETHER. Or Maybe we won’t. I don’t really care. I’m over you.

ID: 1250223

19. I loved you.

ID: 1250225

20. See yah ‘round.

ID: 1250226

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