12 Amazing Notes Confiscated By A Middle School Teacher Over The Years

I hope text messaging doesn’t ruin this sacred childhood art. PS: Do you like me? ____ yes _____ no _____ maybe

1. “She’s just jealous”

ID: 311799

2. “I had my hair like curly or whatever”

ID: 311800

3. “Me, Serena, Indee, Tiara put on hickey stickersz,…”

ID: 311803

4. “No. of course not”

ID: 311805

5. “When I want to kiss you is behind the trailer”

ID: 311809

6. “It’s just I can’t write in English”

ID: 311810

7. “I just do”

ID: 311811

8. “I need to tell you this one more time”

ID: 311813

9. “Why did u break up with me”

ID: 311814

10. “Patty is stupid”

ID: 311815

11. “me don’t know”

ID: 311816

12. “(Again)”

ID: 311817

Bonus: Lisa gives Milhouse a note to give to Nelson.

ID: 311844

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