14 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

Any or all of these are acceptable ways to celebrate every dog’s favorite holiday!

1. You could cheese it up a bunch for the camera.

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2. Maybe a trip to Muscle Beach is in order to show everyone how tough you are.

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3. Go and get a new hair-do! You deserve it!

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4. Chilling around the house for some quiet time would be fine.

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5. Watch a movie marathon, but be careful of getting too wrapped up in it.

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6. Letting people know that it’s your first National Dog Day is probably polite.

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7. Organize a field day with your friends!

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8. Pretend to be surprised when your friends throw a party in your honor.

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9. Hike to a beautiful setting, and get a new Facebook profile picture out of it. A win-win!

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10. Practice your fluffing skills. It’s important now more than ever to stay fluffed.

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11. Pig out on leftovers! You’re allowed!

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12. Patiently deal with your friends coming over unexpectedly and when you’re not wearing pants.

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13. Think too hard about life and stuff.

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14. Check online to see how your friends celebrated it, and so you can be better than them next year.

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