Top Ten Cutest Pets Of The Week

You voted in our weekly Cute or Not contest, and here are the results! Don’t forget to submit your own pet and vote!

10. Sophie’s headtilt wasn’t fierce enough to beat…

ID: 1422455

9. …Sadie’s headtilt. Her posture couldn’t win against…

ID: 1422463

8. …Walter and his excellent chair-sitting skills. He wasn’t smarter than…

ID: 1422469

7. …Watson, who is apparently a weather-cat, but even he couldn’t predict losing to…

ID: 1422476

6. …Brody, whose soulful eyes weren’t cute enough to beat…

ID: 1422481

5. …Sasha’s superb tucking capabilities. She wasn’t a good enough listener for…

ID: 1422490

4. …Beaujolais, whose ears couldn’t pick up on…

ID: 1422493

3. …the awesome duo of OBO and Fletch. They couldn’t buddy up to beat…

ID: 1422503

2. …Kaysi, a sweet girl with a sweet attitude. Too bad she wasn’t…

ID: 1422504

1. …Kiko, the cutest pet of the week!

ID: 1422508

Honorable Mention: Cash.

Personality is what counts.

ID: 1422564

Editor’s Pick: Jim AKA J Bone

A face only a monster mother could love.

ID: 1422575

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