13 Times You Disappointed This Corgi Dressed As A Pirate

Go fetch his cannonball immediately.

1. “Shiver me timbers! I tripped over someone’s shoes in the middle of the hallway…” /

2. “Just put my sword back where you found it next time, mmk?” /

3. “How many episodes of the Kardashians have you watched unironically?” /

4. “Planking is very over. Stop, please.” /

5. “A little birdy told me you didn’t refill the water pitcher.” /

6. “No, you can’t look at my ‘booty.’” /

7. “Smells like someone hit the grog a little hard last night.” /

8. “Just because I’m a ‘swashbuckler’ doesn’t mean I’ll do your laundry.” /

9. “The neighbors say they haven’t seen their newspaper in a while, and I know I haven’t fetched it, so…” /

10. “How dare you accuse me of attacking the crow’s nest!” /

11. “Arrrrrr you kidding? You haven’t finished ‘Breaking Bad’ yet?” /

12. “Me peg leg knows you haven’t taken the trash out in a while.” /

13. “Do you happen to know who wrote ‘(S)CURVY’ on the bathroom mirror during my shower? No?” /

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