This Pug Is Disinterested In Literally Everything

There’s nothing in the whole world that will interest this pug.

1. Insanely creepy doll? Nope.

ID: 1538380

2. Great gnome table? Not cutting it.

ID: 1538387

3. “FunForest”? More like BORINGFOREST.

ID: 1538392

4. Not even Gary Numan.

ID: 1538442

5. Wicker chairs can exit the building.

ID: 1538473

6. This traveling breakfast only makes this pug sadder.

ID: 1538480

7. Not interested in your misandry.

ID: 1538513

8. Potentially offensive (or at least terrifying) SpongeBob? NO THANK YOU.

ID: 1538531

9. He wrote the sign himself.

ID: 1538535

10. The “M” stands for “mostly bored.”

ID: 1538597

11. More like “BEARY AWFUL.”

ID: 1538599

12. Unamused by Fry Guy’s antics, TBQH.

ID: 1538603

13. Wire box? Nah.

ID: 1538628

14. This car is way too mythical for his taste.

ID: 1538605

15. He knows where the cat is, but he just doesn’t care to share that information with you.

ID: 1538614

16. Ok, to be fair, those pajama pants do belong in the trash.

ID: 1538607

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