This Dog Had Sushi For Her Birthday Party And You Should Be Jealous

Her name is Coco, and she’s a very big deal.

1. Here’s Coco, ready for action.

ID: 1765482

2. Here are the dinner party’s supplies.

ID: 1765479

3. Watch as her chef masterfully prepares a Snack Attack Roll…

ID: 1765484

4. …a 24-Carrot Roll…

ID: 1765485

5. …a Bok-Bok-Bok Roll…

ID: 1765487

6. …with added veggies, of course.

ID: 1765488

7. Coco only eats sushi that is expertly crafted.

ID: 1765489

8. Time for a milk break!

ID: 1765490

9. Phew! Not all sushi is raw!

ID: 1765491

10. Hope she likes this Vampire Steak Roll!

ID: 1765493

11. But did Coco enjoy her entire meal?

ID: 1765499

12. You bet she did!

ID: 1765512

13. Every last bite!

ID: 1765513

14. Even the Stew-p Kid Roll…

ID: 1765515

15. …as long as it has veggies!

ID: 1765517

16. Take a rest, Coco, you’ve earned it!

ID: 1765501

By the way, this year she got a cake in her likeness. A CAKE IN HER LIKENESS!

ID: 1765817

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