The Hottest New Dog Trend Is "Shiblings," Shiba Siblings

Shiba + shiba = shiblings. Embrace it.

1. These shiblings are ready for a cozy night indoors.

ID: 1655760

2. Listen to this family bust into a jolly rendition of “Shibling Night” this holiday season.

ID: 1661048

3. You can even mix and match your shiblings!

ID: 1655795

4. Shibling pairs are notorious for pranking each other.

ID: 1655825

5. Be sure to place your shiblings in their correct order for a neat and clean house!

ID: 1656190

6. Shiblings are extra double adorable when they’re fluffy together, too.

ID: 1655838

7. Never let shiblings into the garden! They’ll wreak havoc instantly.

ID: 1660746

8. Shiblings are also known for being patient.

ID: 1656079

9. Capturing a shibling smile on film is magical, even if one of them isn’t quite feeling it right now and would rather be home.

ID: 1656202

10. Pack lightly! You’ll never know when you’ll have to carry your shiblings on-the-go.

ID: 1656209

11. Never say anything to hurt a shiblings’s feelings, or you’ll have trouble comin’ after you.

ID: 1655798

12. Parents of shiblings are praised based on their attentiveness and cautious gaze.

ID: 1660620

13. A secret between shiblings is one of life’s most precious gifts.

ID: 1660634

14. And don’t worry, goodbyes with shiblings never last for long; they’ll be back soon!

ID: 1660664

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