16 Things Stay-At-Home Cats Do Every Day

Not one “thank you.”

1. Admiring the cleanest windows ever, all thanks to them.

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2. Making sure their baking projects go untouched until they’re ready to be served.

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3. Trying to clean between the couch cushions and getting a little too into it.

ID: 3441308

4. Waiting for the kids to come home.

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5. Trying to learn how to sew, so they can stop spending so much on tailors and whatnot.

ID: 3441097

6. Finding new ways to entertain themselves.

ID: 3441127

7. Being able to nap however they find comfortable.

ID: 3441148

8. Giving great advice.

ID: 3441155

9. Keeping their online shopping addiction under control.

ID: 3441179

10. Enjoying quiet time with the family.

ID: 3441186

11. Being too proud to ask for help taking out the trash.

ID: 3441202

12. Never going to parties but then the ONE TIME THEY DO, walking in wearing the same outfit as someone else.

ID: 3441220

13. Yelling at the neighborhood hooligans to keep it down during quiet time.

ID: 3441235

14. Working hard, but playing harder.

ID: 3441354

15. Getting spooked by someone sneaking up on them when they thought the house was empty.

ID: 3441365

16. Spending quality time with the kids.

ID: 3441467

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