78 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Pet

The awesome Twitter followers of BuzzFeedAnimals replied in full force last week when we asked them to reply with a picture of their #petpride. Have your own reason to share? Put it in the comments! posted on


@BuzzFeedAnimals @BuzzFeed This is my doxie mix Reggie. He's 9mo old and had 5 homes. He's home with me forever.


@BuzzFeedAnimals this is Ziggy! He was a stray in ATL and is now the center of our lives in NYC! #petpride


@BuzzFeedAnimals My big girl Jordy was making sure sister Minnie wasn't scared for her first long car ride. #petpride


My schnoodle Jack lets me hold his paw when I'm sick and even works out with me! #petpride @BuzzFeedAnimals


@BuzzFeedAnimals Because she's the cutest, her name is Pistol, and she could be the next Gene Simmons. #petpride


@BuzzFeedAnimals #petpride I love my bunny Furhead because he does really gigantic bunny yawns and it's super cute.


@BuzzFeedAnimals Because Hobbes is the sweetest cat in the world and would definitely save me from a fire #petpride


@BuzzFeedAnimals because this little face cheers me up on a daily basis... And makes for a great hand warmer 😸💜

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