16 Reasons Being Petite Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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1. “If I feel like a lion on the inside, then I should definitely express it on the outside!”

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2. “I could relax on this couch all day because it’s so roomy for me!”

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3. “Being closer to the desk means naps are way easier.”

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4. “Just because my paw is small doesn’t mean it’s lacking sass.”

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5. “Playtime is more of a workout, which is a win-win for me!”

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6. “You shouldn’t expect me to help out with housework. Who else would stand around looking cute?!”

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7. “Cuddling is a breeze, especially with my good buddy here.”

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8. “And just in case snacktime happens on my level, I’m prepared.”

“Also, I’ll pass on the grapes.”

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9. “I can see all my devoted admirers from here. Finally!”

ID: 2284946

10. “I prefer being in the middle of the action in the kitchen, if you don’t mind.”

ID: 2284948

11. “From here I can tell which part of the house is missing the holiday spirit the most. (Hint: it might be you!)”

ID: 2284963

12.Every side is my good side!”

ID: 2284967

13. “It’s ok! I know you didn’t see me sitting here, but I’m for sure not giving this primo seat. It’s the best one!”

ID: 2284970

14. “Drinking from a glass can be a patient sort of sport. Gotta be prepared for anything.”

ID: 2284976

15. “Nature provides an excellent splash of color to your outlook. I recommend it! Even the smallest of shrubs can be nice.”

ID: 2284981

16. “Finally, a way to expend all of my adorable energy!”

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