28 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humidity

When having faith in humanity isn’t enough, these animals are here to cheer us up!

1. This dog who is thoroughly enjoying an outdoor bath.

ID: 1525771

2. This cat who experienced moisture for the first time and survived it.

ID: 1525773

3. This pug who loves the feeling of getting dry almost as much as going for a run on the beach.

ID: 1525786

4. This corgi who knows how to dive headfirst into life.

ID: 1525803

5. This dog who understands the importance of safety during rain storms.

ID: 1525821

6. This kitten who only fell asleep because she was contemplating everything that water provides for her.

ID: 1526011

7. This pug who is trying to ensure that you have a clean screen by getting it damp first.

ID: 1525826

8. This puppy who sometimes gets overwhelmed by a tall drink of water.

ID: 1525834

9. This hippo who loves splashing almost as much as she loves her mom.

ID: 1526066

10. This cat who wants to make it his life’s work to study what this magical liquid is and why it ruins everything.

ID: 1525899

11. This dog and his dolphin buddy who enjoy riding the wave of life together.

ID: 1525868

12. This otter who is surprised you don’t like to go swimming.

ID: 1526387

13. This cat who can. not. wait. to. drink. this. whole. cup. of. water.

ID: 1525940

14. This cat who super loves taking his walks in water because no one can see him sweat.

ID: 1525901

15. This dog who is shocked at all of the fun things you can find in bodies of water.

ID: 1526040

16. This penguin who knows he can always swing by for a snack at another time thanks to the power of water slides.

ID: 1526359

17. This monkey who tricked his girlfriend by doing a way easier handstand in squishy mud.

ID: 1526052

18. This penguins who arrived right on time for the partaaaaay because water is quicker than ice to travel through.

ID: 1526656

19. This cat who snuck a drink while you weren’t looking.

ID: 1525903

20. This cat who found a new favorite toy and his name is Water.

ID: 1525934

21. This cat who accidentally fell in a puddle but now she realizes how fun it was.

ID: 1525957

22. This bird who is practicing in her shower because she wants to star in an Herbal Essences commercial.

ID: 1526789

23. These dogs who enjoy sharing a drink with a good buddy.

ID: 1526071

24. This dog who has cracked the code of how to relax on a hot summer’s day: sprinklers.

ID: 1526106

25. This dog who is also a princess and will be treated as such, including taking bubble baths.

ID: 1526267

26. This whale who is your friend and wants to invite you in for a quick dip.

ID: 1526583

27. These dolphins who just got a little too excited at the chance to go swimming with you.

ID: 1526617

28. This cat who can’t quite grasp how you forgot to dry him off right after his bath, but he’ll forgive you. Eventually.

ID: 1526626

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