Maru Has A New Kitten Sister Named Hana And Everything Is Adorable

Maru’s family adopted Hana last month, and they are kitten along just fine!

1. Maru and Hana already pal around together like they’re old friends.

ID: 1626807

2. Look! Maru even shares his box space with Hana!

ID: 1626859

3. Hana is already an excellent jumper too.

ID: 1626814

4. Maybe she can teach Maru a few tricks?

ID: 1626863

5. Bathtime is still a contested issue, but that’s how it goes in every home.

ID: 1626816

6. They’re still trying to figure out their roles as new siblings.

ID: 1626866

7. Here are some playtime strategies they’ve worked out so far:

ID: 1626727

8. 1. Start with a gentle high five.

ID: 1626791

9. 2. Scurry on over for a fun playtime!

ID: 1626792

10. 3. Scare each other but then head-boop to make it all better.

ID: 1626793

11. 4. Be furr-ocious!

ID: 1626795

12. 5. A “belly roll-feetsies grab” is a good move for any playing duo.

ID: 1626796

13. 6. Show your vulnerable side.

ID: 1626797


ID: 1626799

15. 8. Apologize and relax together. Good work, team!

ID: 1626800

16. Welcome to the internet family, Hana!

ID: 1626868

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