Lil Bub Wrote A Book About Herself And It Is Amazing

You guys, the most amazing cat on the planet really outdid herself this time. Learn how to pre-order “Lil BUB’s Lil BOOK” here.

1. What do we have here?

ID: 1383571

2. Oh man!

ID: 1383572

3. Wait, BUB, you wrote a book?!

ID: 1383570

4. This has so many adventures and friends in it!

ID: 1383573

5. Look at this amazing recommendation from— oh, it’s from you.

ID: 1383574

6. But Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Albini really love you!

ID: 1383575

7. How did you get them to endorse the book, BUB?

ID: 1383577

8. Seems like a great bedtime story, too!

(But only if you’ve already read it like five times because otherwise, why would you want to miss out on this book?)

ID: 1383578

9. Good job, BUB.

ID: 1383579

10. Because GIFs don’t have sound (WHY NOT?!), you need to watch the full video to hear Bub’s amazing squonks.

ID: 1383587

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