Let’s Talk About The Cutest Bunny Brothers On Instagram

Meet Rambo and Eddy, two adopted bunnies in Canada who are delightful Instagram stars.

1. This is Rambo.

ID: 1519257

2. He’s pretty fabulous.

ID: 1519234

3. This is Rambo’s brother, Eddy.

ID: 1519251

4. They’re two rabbits from Canada who are super adorable brothers.

ID: 1519320

5. They eat together…

ID: 1519244

6. …and they nap together.

ID: 1519379

7. Sometimes Rambo is a little shy about being on the Internet.

ID: 1519221

8. Eating a snack generally helps him get over it.

ID: 1519231

9. (Eddy agrees.)

ID: 1519469

10. Rambo is super good at being a navigator for you.

ID: 1519435

11. Eddy is basically a napping expert.

ID: 1519471

12. Sometimes Rambo has rough days…

ID: 1519311

13. …but Eddy is always there to pick him back up again!

ID: 1519308

14. Begging for food, while discouraged, is clearly adorable.

ID: 1519731

15. So wake up, fellas!

ID: 1519740

16. You got a lot of bein’ cute to do!

ID: 1519752

17. It’s a tough job…

ID: 1519769

18. …but someone’s gotta do it!

ID: 1519773

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