Learn How To Do Yoga By Watching This Dog

While this video is in Italian, the language of yoga is universal. Follow along while this chihuahua and his owner go through nine typical yoga positions. P.S. This dog’s owner is adorable.

1. Classic Downward-Facing Dog

ID: 1491000

2. Real Good Sit Down Now

ID: 1490999

3. Look Up Until It’s Too Much

ID: 1490998

4. To The Left, To The Left

ID: 1491001

5. Stick Your Neck Out

ID: 1491002

6. To The Right, To The Right

ID: 1491003

7. Matrix Slow-Mo

ID: 1491004

8. Step Up To The Streets

ID: 1491005

9. Celebration Of The Spine

ID: 1491006

For the full tutorial, complete with the dreamy Italian instructions, watch the video:

ID: 1490959

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