22 Dogs Who Freakin’ Loved Watching The Puppy Bowl

Basically, everyone’s a winner when it comes to the Puppy Bowl.

1. “Huh, I guess I didn’t know kittens were involved.”

ID: 2380947

2. “I came comfortably prepared!”

ID: 2381041

3. “Put me in, coach!”

ID: 2381006

4. “The snacks are the best part of any sporting event, let’s be real here.”

ID: 2380953

5. “Did you see one of my buddies? Thought I saw one of my buds out there…”

ID: 2381008

6. “Yeah, I heard the ref make that call, and I do not agree with it.”

ID: 2381011

7. “Took a break from watching the game to play a little ball of my own!”

She might be a little too old for the #PuppyBowl but she can't resist some football! @BuzzFeedAnimals

— Samm Ramm (@samm_ramm)
ID: 2380955

8. “Hmph. Looks like cat time is a good time to use the restroom.”

ID: 2381014

9. “I have a toy that looks just like that!”

ID: 2380992

10. “Do you think I should’ve stuck with sports throughout college?”

ID: 2380993

11. “Loren deserves any and every award. He’s my favorite athlete!”

@BuzzFeedAnimals Monty is super into the game

— Kristi (@krrristi11)
ID: 2380961

12. “Sorry, but I’m hella comfortable right now. You can get up to get your coffee in a minute, mmk?”

ID: 2380996

13. “…I think I totally dated her five years ago.”

ID: 2380997


@BuzzFeedAnimals I'm watching!

— Ella the Dog (@EllaInTheCity)
ID: 2380957

15. “Everything is so dramatic from this close up!”

ID: 2380983


ID: 2380987

17. “Put the penguin cheerleaders back on screen!! They’re so spirited!”

ID: 2381043

18. “Totally building my core strength just in case they want to start a Dog Bowl next year.”

ID: 2381056

19. “So many friiiiiends to see on the screen.”

@BuzzFeedAnimals Lola's been waiting all day for the kick-off. #PuppyBowl

— Deb Endy Secrest (@desecrest)
ID: 2380966

20. “Ugh, I bet everyone’s butts smell really cute.”

ID: 2380975

21. “Go, bite, win! Only, y’know, just bite politely. Nothing too rough.”

ID: 2381079

22. “Don’t disturb me, this is not recording so this is my only chance to watch it. You may speak to me during the commercials only.”

ID: 2381082

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