Corgnelius Got A New Brother Named Stumphrey And He’s Adorable

These two corgis are inseparable, lovable, adorable, and the cutest things ever.

1. Corgnelius turned 1 on May 18!

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2. He had a very big announcement…

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3. One week later, Stumphrey joined the family!

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4. He’s a Jedi Master of adorableness already.

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5. Don’t you worry about any jealousy between these two!

“I always thought Corgnelius wanted a sibling,” said the pair’s owner Susie. “He always wanted to play or chase for hours at night.”

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6. You can’t tear them apart!

“Because Stumphrey isn’t fully vaccinated,” explained Susie, “I have to carry him around in a bag when we go outside. Corgnelius won’t go on a walk without him. They’re inseparable!”

ID: 1260385

7. See? They even share meals together!

ID: 1258341

8. Stumphrey, or Stump Stump, was born on March 15.

ID: 1258324

9. Corgnelius’ fans loved him instantly.

“I wouldn’t say they even warmed up to him,” said Susie. “They loved him right away!”

ID: 1258331

10. He’s so cute, you could just eat him up.

ID: 1258335

11. Here is the infamous and elusive “Stumposaurus.”

ID: 1258349

12. He may not be a “born model” like his big brother, but he’s a pretty fast learner so far.

ID: 1260111

13. Welcome to the family, Stumphrey!

ID: 1258401

14. Now take a well-deserved nap. Being that cute must be super tiring.

ID: 1260444

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