Champ Is The Classiest Golden Retriever On Instagram

He’s just so handsome! Find him on Instagram or Facebook.

3. “You ever stop just to smell the flowers? It’s practically a pastime.”

5. “This here’s my new buddy. You may say ‘hello,’ but please don’t touch him. He’s sensitive.”

7. “Wintertime just makes you think about love, family, and chasing sticks around.”

8. “Follow me! I found an adventure over this way!”

9. “Well, well, well. Look what the tide dragged in: a me!”

11. “These bubbles wish they could be as bubbly as me!”

13. “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: don’t touch this buddy.”

14. “The trick to flowers is to be very delicate.”

15. “Oh, it’s not your birthday? Hmm. Can I keep the balloon anyways?”

16. “Cookies in the skyyyyy with Chaaaamp. Cookies in the skyyyyy with Chaaaamp.”

19. “Right before bedtime is when I’m the cuddliest of all.”

21. “When the sun goes to bed, so do I. Good night!”

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