23 Belgian Waffles That Deserve An Apology

Some harsh words were thrown around this week thanks to the World Cup, but no one should turn their backs on these sweet beauties.

1. “What did we ever do to you?!”

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2. “My swirl never meant to offend anyone!”

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3. “We are a simple folk with simple needs.”

ID: 3270260

4. “Something this sweet would never betray you or wish you harm.”

ID: 3270269

5. “You’ve gotta believe us!”

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6. “Don’t judge us based on our country of origin. Get to know us first.”

ID: 3270277

7. “I’m teetering on the edge of hysteria over this!”

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8. “Don’t let my exterior fool you, I’m really quite sensitive to this sort of thing.”

ID: 3270290

9. “Belgian waffles just like to have fun with a lot of friends, that’s all! We’re no different from you!”

ID: 3270294

10. “I wear my heart on my sleeve. And my heart is full of love and acceptance.”

ID: 3270297

11. “Don’t let some silly thing like sports get in the way of a beautiful friendship!”

ID: 3270301

12. “Maybe you just need to take a walk and cool off.”

ID: 3270305

13. “I just like to keep things easy-going, y’know? Drama-free.”

ID: 3270311

14. “So, how about we just start all over?”

ID: 3270322

15. “We’ll forgive anything you said in the heat of the moment.”

ID: 3270345

16. “I’m pretty confident you’ll be able to forgive and forget.”

ID: 3270351

17. “No hard feelings, really.”

ID: 3270355

18. “We don’t want things to get awkward between us ever again.”

ID: 3270360

19. “You don’t have to tell anyone about us if you don’t want to.”

ID: 3270419

20. “It’s just… like… let’s put the past in the past and try to move forward.”

ID: 3270449

21. “We promise to try not to hold it against you in the future.”

ID: 3270468

22. “Do we have a deal?”

ID: 3270539

23. “Let’s call the whole thing off!”

ID: 3270281

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