17 Animals Who Worry About Sun Damage

Have a great time this summer, but don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun’s rays!

“Sometimes gardening brings out my carefree side.”

ID: 1254342

“Look at what little amount of sun is touching me.”

ID: 1254309

“This hat falls off as soon as I jump in the pool. It’s great at being a hat!”

ID: 1254368

“My nose is cute enough that it doesn’t need sun protection.”

ID: 1254378

“Actually, I usually wear this hat around dusk for the compliments.”

ID: 1254389

“I still have to take a Zyrtec.”

ID: 1254445

“¡Yo quiero Taco Bell… y un sombrero mucho más grande!”

ID: 1254372

“One of these is doing an excellent job of cooling my body temperature. Guess which one.”

ID: 1254480

“Can you believe I’ve never used a drop of moisturizer before?”

ID: 1254493

“The hat’s for style purposes only, don’t worry.”

ID: 1254518

“Had one tea party with a toddler and now I’m stuck wearing this useless thing.”

ID: 1254545

“Does this hide my wrinkles?”

ID: 1254572

“I wear this tiny hat inside,
So I can, so I can,
Watch you eat then take a walk outsiiiiide.”

ID: 1254638

“I’m literally banned from open waters, so this is pointless.”

ID: 1254659

“It’s been falling off my head for like hours.”

ID: 1254675

“Please, call me Jason Meowraz.”

ID: 1254754

“Summer is a time for reflection and self-awareness.”

ID: 1254774

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