4 Best New Babies Of 2014

There have been 4 new zoo babies so far this year. So let’s take a look at these cutest of new years babies.

4. This Little Lemur

This unnamed Coquerel’s Sifaka Lemur was born in Sacremento, California on January 5 at the Sacremento Zoo. He’s a boy, and like a true Californian he hopes to learn to surf the waves as well as he surfs his mommy’s back.

3. Tanu

Tanu is a Grevy’s Zebra born in San Diego, California on January 3 in San Diego, California. He is the fifth son from his mother, Bakavu, and hopes to stand out by one day fronting a progessive punk band.

2. Katja

Katja is a female Rothschild Giraffe born in Kronberg, Germany on January 2 at the Opel Zoo. She’s one of the rarest breeds of giraffe, and hopes to one-day emulate the other rare-breed of German woman with long legs and neck, Heidi Klum.

1. Grey Seal Pup

This unnamed Grey Seal Pup was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 1 at the Brookfield Zoo. He is the first of his species born at the zoo and gaining 3-5 pounds a day, which the zoo credits to the amazing Chicago style deep-dish pizza.

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