Tweets That Had Us Gagging During Last Night’s Episode Of Drag Race

Oh, gurl. Last night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race had us all gagging, and I’m not just talking about Alyssa’s weird facial expressions.

Travis you can choregraph me all yhu want bby #hayhay #DragRace

— OMGITSJOSHEH (@Josh Castillo)

Nice to know Alyssa's wig survived the tank #DragRace

— AwesomeAaron81 (@Aaron Thomas)

I’d say that watching Alaska is like watching paint dry, but at least when paint dries you tend to get a matte finish. #DragRace

— chocobohomo (@John Anthony)

Ivy Winters is one of the most breathtaking beauties on the planet, but when Ru says her name, I want to rip my ears off #DragRace

— HunterSThomcat (@Soze Rowland)

Santino just out flamed the entire neighborhood of west Hollywood #DragRace

— AwesomeAaron81 (@Aaron Thomas)


— thepbg (@LaFawnduh.)

Who slipped Vivienne a Valium? That needs to be her new drag name. VALIUM PINAY. #rpdr #dragrace

— karsh (@Karsh)

That was totally deserved...I was doing a better lipsync in my pyjamas. #DragRace #DoubleElimination

— jpbevi (@JP)

I need to watch the clip of JuJu Bee reading the other queens on her season, just to edify my spirit in the wake of Vivienne. #DragRace

— thepbg (@LaFawnduh.)

Honey Mahogany said in San Francisco the look doesn't matter. 😒 Dear lord give me the strength. #DragRace

— patrickGOODx (@Patrick Carillo)

Here comes Honey Mahogany serving up Mrs. Roper caftan realness on the @RuPaulsDragRace runway. #DragRace

— justhernandez71 (@Justin Hernandez)

I wanna stick up for my Filipina sister, but Vivienne Pinay is as annoying as glitter clump in your panties. #DragRace

— LibrosOverHos (@Negative Zero)

New Rule: Eliminated on the spot and sent to DragU for not knowing who Diana Ross is. #DragRace

— FarrahFoursteps (@Farrah Foursteps)

Lord honey, Travis Wall.... Travis Wall .... Travis Wall. He can private dance me any time @RuPaulsDragRace #dragrace #logotv

— ImageneAutry (@Imagene Autry)

Every word that Alaska says comes from that octave usually only achievable when one is about a half-second away from sneezing. #DragRace

— chocobohomo (@John Anthony)

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