12 Insane Queer Pulp Novel Covers

Campy, hilariously strange, awkward, these vintage covers are reminders of how far we’ve come from outdated LGBT stereotypes. A gay safari does sound kind of fun, though.

1. “Satan Was A Lesbian”

ID: 846331

2. “The Transvestite”

ID: 842611

3. “Gay Safari”

ID: 842596

4. “The Occasional Man”

ID: 846539

5. “Female Convict”

ID: 846342

6. “A Few Of The Boys”

ID: 846558

7. “Born To Be Gay”

ID: 843101

8. “The Devil Is Gay”

ID: 846503

9. “Lesbian Gym”

ID: 846565

10. “Am I Ready For Chest Hair?”

ID: 846560

11. “The Magic Touch”

ID: 846568

12. “Alaskan Huskies”

ID: 846569

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Saeed Jones is the literary editor for BuzzFeed and the author of the poetry collection Prelude to Bruise, and is based in New York.
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