48 Reasons Why Fred Armisen Is The David Lynch Of Neo-Comedy

And just all-around awesome.

David Foster Wallace did a profile on surrealist filmmaker David Lynch in a 1996 issue of Premiere magazine. In it, Wallace interviewed a crew-member on the set of ‘Lost Highway’ who called Lynch, “The Id of the Now.” Pretentious, repugnant, but accurate—the same could be said about SNL veteran/Portlandia co-creator/comedy trend-setter Fred Armisen.

Here’s how.

48. He’s keeping the dream of the ’90s alive in Portland.

Via http://neverknowsbesttt.tumblr.com

47. He brought back MTV.

Well not really. But the sketch was silly.

46. He’s eco-conscious.

45. And all organic.

He reeks of sustainibility.

44. Because ‘Armisen’ sounds like artisan.

Via http://youmaycallmetheradioheadfreak.tumblr.com

43. He’s GLBT-friendly.

Via http://tzintzuntzan.tumblr.com

42. He’s a feminist.

41. He doesn’t believe in set gender roles.

Via http://cokesnlfan.tumblr.com

40. He looks good in drag.

Via http://perfectmomentshow.tumblr.com

39. He looks good in a dress.

38. He looks good in a vest.

Via ew.com

37. He looks good before…and after.

Via http://bootybutt.tumblr.com

36. He’s actually a musician.

He even played with the Blue Man Group.

Via http://snloutofcontext.tumblr.com

No seriously he did. Look it up.

Here he is at the Secret Policeman’s Ball.

Via http://yourekissedbyfire.tumblr.com

35. His band has an upright harp.

Via http://imaginaryfiction.tumblr.com

And a cat.

Via http://damonalbarnstripshow.tumblr.com

And sometimes Gathy on gun.

34. He’s got a sick studio.

Like the kind Brian Wilson used to record Pet Sounds.

33. He knows the importance of keeping harmony.

Via http://justintimberlakegifs.tumblr.com

32. Musicians love to cameo on Portlandia.

Here’s a pretty sweet compilation on that.

31. The mayor of Portlandia was special agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks.

(Kyle MacLachlan was also in a few other things David Lynch directed.)

30. Pitchfork scratches his back…

And he scratches theirs.

29. Whatever he says, you know he’s just kidding.

Via http://beeishappy.tumblr.com

Ay dios mío…

28. Either way, so what.

Who cares.

27. He looks really good as a pear.

26. And as an egg.

Via http://delcateadventures.tumblr.com

25. And as a Wes Anderson animation.

Via http://evilseahag.tumblr.com

23. With a beard.

22. He makes faces like this.

19. And this.

Via http://splendorking.tumblr.com

18. He knows how to show support.

Via http://danceyrselfclean.tumblr.com

17. He poses with fans.

Via http://argylesweaterandasmile.tumblr.com

16. And not just the ones who wear glasses.

Via http://aherosfarewell.tumblr.com

15. And he’ll make the same face each time.

14. Because he’s been wearing those glasses forever.

Seriously, ever.

13. There’s no scene Armisen hasn’t tried at least once.

12. The Oregonian has a Portlandia section.

11. He takes hide and seek seriously.

Via http://mentir.tumblr.com

As you should.

10. He knows art.

Via http://putabirdonanything.tumblr.com

And when something’s no longer in vogue.

Via http://spacecadet.tumblr.com

For instance, laugh tracks.

9. He embraces change.

And pregnant pauses.

8. He understands today’s journalism.

And it’s all very meta.

7. He knows what’s trending.

Via http://gissdoesntblog.tumblr.com

No, really he does…

(Okay, so it’s probably maintained by interns. And this is clearly fake.)

6. He’s internet savvy.

Via http://gissdoesntblog.tumblr.com

5. He’s got the gear.

4. He practices safe sex.

Via http://captsicles.tumblr.com

Even when he’s not having it.

3. He can be a good kitty.

Via http://mcbrayers.tumblr.com

2. And a naughty kitty.

Via http://mcbrayers.tumblr.com

1. And, basically, he’s just totally underrated…

Via http://hugatreeortwo.tumblr.com

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