16-Year-Old Vine Celebrity Nash Grier Uploaded And Deleted A Video Saying Only Gay People Get HIV

Grier currently has 8.7 million followers on Vine.

3. Grier’s original Vine shows him screaming the word “fag” at a commercial for OraQuick, a home oral HIV test.

8. Grier hasn’t acknowledged the deleted Vine or tweets from angry users, instead only promoting a new video about dealing with haters online.

9. Grier deleted this controversial video last December in which he and two other teenage boys described things they didn’t like about girls at length. Many people saw it as intense slut-shaming.

10. Grier has come under scrutiny for homophobic posts on social media in the past as well. Many of his now-deleted tweets have been screengrabbed and shared on Tumblr.

13. BuzzFeed has reached out to Grier’s management company 26mgmt for comment.


It was originally stated that Tyler Oakley reuploaded Grier’s deleted Vine. It was actually re-uploaded by Vine user MuneralsFab

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