This Is What Happens When You Give “At-Risk” Kids Pieces Of Paper To Draw On

Amazing art, that’s what!

1. According to the teacher who posted the photos, he teaches at a high school for “at-risk” students and gives them paper to draw and tag during class.

ID: 1237821

5. He tapes down pieces of scratch paper to each desk and leaves them there until the student fills it up.

ID: 1237863

9. Check out that awesome Finn from Adventure Time.

ID: 1237871

10. Or this completely spot-on Butt-Head.

ID: 1237877

13. The scratch paper, he says, cuts down on the graffiti

ID: 1237878

15. “At-risk” students are high schoolers who are at risk of not graduating, many are students who fail a lot of classes, have criminal records, or girls that returned to school after becoming pregnant.

ID: 1237885

17. The flower on this one was added in later by another student in the class.

ID: 1237893

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