This College Student Pulled Off The April Fools’ Prank To End All April Fools’ Pranks On Her Professor

This is absolutely brutal.

1. A student in a macroeconomics class at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Mich., decided to play a pretty epic prank on professor Stephen Barrows for April Fools’ last week.

ID: 2738171

2. You see, the professor has a policy that if your phone rings during class, you have to answer it on speakerphone.

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3. And professor Barrows thinks the whole thing is pretty funny at first when his student answers her phone.

ID: 2738161

4. But then it registers what kind of phone call his student just answered on speakerphone in front of the whole class.

ID: 2738163

5. And things get really really awkward really, really fast.

ID: 2738164

6. Mortified, he starts apologizing almost immediately!

ID: 2738165

7. Until his student reveals the entire thing was a prank.

ID: 2738166

10. And that’s how you do an April Fools’ joke.

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