This 12-Year-Old On Instagram Has Met Almost Every Rapper Alive

His name is Nathan Schwartz, he’s from Miami, and he goes by the username @natedoggschwartz.

1. Nathan was recently profiled in a Noisey piece about how he’s ended up with photos of almost every rapper in the game right now.

ID: 1061605

2. This is him with Waka Flocka Flame.

ID: 1061607

3. Here he is with T-Pain.

ID: 1061608

4. Him with Common.

ID: 1061609

5. He’s hung out with Nicki Minaj.

ID: 1061638

6. More than once!

ID: 1061616

7. Here he is chilling with Rick Ross the Boss.

ID: 1061622

8. He told Noisey that he wants to be a record executive when he grows up and that he’s been going to rap shows since he was six.

ID: 1061626

9. Nathan hanging out with Kanye West.

ID: 1061629

10. Apparently, his dad takes him to all the shows.

ID: 1061628

11. Here he is throwing up deuces with Drake.

ID: 1061633

12. He’s met Psy too.

ID: 1061635

13. He says his current favorite rap album is Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill, but that Straight Outta Compton is his all-time favorite.

ID: 1061636

14. Posing for a photo with Flo Rida.

ID: 1061646

15. And here he is hanging out with Fat Joe.

ID: 1061648

16. Oh, almost forgot, he’s met Bill Clinton too.

ID: 1061662

17. Dang.

ID: 1061783

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